Obviously, smartphones and other mobile devices have replaced personal computers (PCs). They have become part of users' personal and business lives. Therefore, they involve with security issues as well as mobile attacks issues have arisen nowadays. Not only to individuals but government agencies and many companies become the victim of these malicious attacks. As these devices are widely used to access and stored sensitive personal information, this would be a big concern. Other that that, during this pandemic user always use smartphone for important transaction such as online banking and online purchases. The vulnerability of the attacks is high, especially when unsuspecting users being the targets. Companies could lead to huge loss, when it is due to data leakage or losing data resources that use to protect the organization. In fact, malicious attacks on mobile devices are considered high rather than PCs. However, these attacks have been severed due to the ignorance of users who fail to enable the security setting in their phone. This paper discusses mobile security on operating system followed by some discussion on various attack on mobile devices. The discussion intended to give solutions by reduce the mobile attacks.