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Borneo International Journal ISSN 2636-9826 (online) is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research and reviews covering a wide range of subjects in Islamic studies, Arabic language, science, technology, business, management, social science, architecture and medicine. It also publishes special issues of selected conference papers.

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Borneo International Journal is quarterly published. 


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Impak Modenisasi dan Pengkomersilan Terhadap Keaslian Makanan Tradisi dan Identiti Budaya Etnik Kadazan-Dusun di Sabah

Mohd Yakin H., S., Tung Moi C., Totu A., Sintang S., Ooi Beng Houi Y., Lukin S., A., George@Mohd. Rosli R.

Peranan Topeng Sagu Melanau untuk Kaul di Sarawak, Borneo

Ali A., W., Awang Arshad A.,' H., Siri H.