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Borneo International Journal ISSN 2636-9826 (online) is a single blind peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research and reviews covering a wide range of subjects in Islamic studies, Arabic language, science, technology, business, management, social science, architecture and medicine. It also publishes special issues of selected conference papers.


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Generation Y's Acceptance of Preaching (Da'wah) Through Social Media

Haji Bibi Z., Johari A., Bujang A., Sulaiman S.

A Study on Public Awareness on Meat Borne Parasites in Malaysia

Zainalabidin F., A., Mohd Amir A., M., Bathmanaban P., Ismail E.

Online Buying Trend Survey among Youths after Movement Control Order (MCO)

Mohamad Ali Adaha N., Mohd Noor N., A., Aziz A., Hamdan N., Amiruddin N., Yusuf N.

Utilization of Cocunut Coir Waste and Cassava Peel as Opaque Paper Raw Material in Indonesia

Fitriyano G., Maulana D., Muhammad Engkos Kosim M., K., Siskayanti R., Kurniawan R.

Nilai Toleransi dalam Mata Pelajaran Umum menurut Perspektif Pelajar

Abdul Razak A., Abu Bakar S., Yusuff N., A., Md Nawi N., H., Che Daud B.

Exploring Parents Perception Of Online Learning Through A Systematic Literature Review

Mohamad A., I., Rahmatullah B., Md Ibrahim L., F., Saari E., M., Downing K.

Acceptance of TikTok on the Youth towards Education Development

Azman A., N., Ahmad Rezal N., S., Zulkeifli N., Y., Mat N., A., S., Saari I., Ab Hamid A. S.

An Awareness Program of Phishing Attack Among Student

Abdullah A., H., Yuseri M., N., Muhamad Bintang A., Zolkipli M. F.