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Borneo International Journal ISSN 2636-9826 (online) is a single blind peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research and reviews covering a wide range of subjects in Islamic studies, Arabic language, science, technology, business, management, social science, architecture and medicine. It also publishes special issues of selected conference papers.


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Penentuan Hukum Agihan Zakat Kepada Pondan, Pelacur Dan Gigolo

Muhd Adnan N., I., Muhd Adnan H., Muhd Adnan N., I., Mohd Kashim M., I., A., Ibrahim M. A.

Kaedah Perakaunan Zakat Pertanian Dalam Taksiran Zakat Pertanian Padi

Ibrahim M., A., Muhd Adnan N., I., Aziz A., Ismail S., Ismail M. S. I.

Imputation of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Missing Data in Petaling Jaya Using Basic Statistical Methods

Hamid N., Z., Ali N., S., Tarmizi R., A., Karim N., S., Junus N., W., Husin N., H., Adenan N., H., Wahid N. B.

Factors Influencing Use of Digital Wallet Among Youths

Ahmad R., Zulaikha N., H., Syamimie N., Daniel M., Aisyah S., Ahmad A.