In the past few years, the use of Electronic commerce (E-commerce) platform has steadily increased a lot. This is because that the technology has been slowly advanced and improved day by day. Electronic commerce is widely known as a platform for selling and buying products by using the internet. Many people have decided to choose this kind of business instead of the traditional way which is owning a physical store. The reason is there are some advantages to of using E-commerce such as saving cost, reduce time on shopping and so on. There are four categories of E-commence which are Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Consumer to Business, and Consumer to Consumer. E-commerce is a service that utilizing the network or online informal communities. Even though it brings a lot of advantage, but there are many challenge and issue face by the user who use E-Commence to do their business. Therefore, in this study, the few thing that will be highlighted will be benefit of E-commerce, issue, and challenges face in E-commerce.