There are many factors that lead to the variation of basic salaries among fresh graduate and employees. The need for basic salary varies according to the responsibility of an employee. The variation of basic salary not influenced by the need of the employees, it rather depends on the working skills and experiences. This study focuses on the factors towards the perception of fresh graduate employees on the basic salary based on the factors of cost of living, qualification, responsibility, and scope of work. The data were collected from Maxis employees in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The findings revealed that all factors were positively correlated to the perception towards basic salaries among fresh graduates. Somehow, the perceptions on their basic salaries are significantly influenced only by the cost of living and scope of work, positively. Employees have a high expectation on basic salaries if the cost of living is getting higher. This may encourage some employees to get a new job with a better offer because they believe that more skills and experiences will lead towards a better job with a higher salary.