Genetically Modified Foods (GMFs) has been a matter considerable interest and worldwide public controversy. Due to the world’s fastest growing recognition that addresses food safety issues and other uncertainties. In order to solve this problem, conducted research is appropriate to evaluate the consumers’ awareness towards the existing of genetically modified foods in the urban and rural area in Sarawak. This study conducted to identify the level of awareness towards consumers because they had little knowledge on genetically modified foods and they also cannot assess genetically modified foods by themselves. Furthermore, this study will provide the firm’s top management to more concern about genetically modified and also provide knowledge for the further research. A 46 structured questions consumer survey has been prepared with a total 351 respondents from urban and 100 respondents from rural had been collected emphasizing on awareness of the consumers about genetically modified foods, the acceptability of GMFs by consumers and legislations and information sources were assessed in the questionnaire. The results show that the level of genetically modified food in both urban and rural area is very low. Consumers failed to indicate or identify its appearance due to lack of labeling and information in packaging. The study showed that the consumers were not aware which products contain genetically modified despite living in urban or rural areas. Since GMFs will be merging in the future, there is need finding out the consumer’s awareness, attitudes, and perceptions toward GMFs. This study will provide a better understanding of the company, marketer, and consumers on the level of consumers toward GMFs. Moreover, by identifying awareness, attitudes, and perceptions allow the companies and marketers to fulfill the needs and wants of consumers of difference segment as well preferences.