Social media is known as a very useful online platform for people to interact with each other through as long as there is Internet connection. Social media allows people to share ideas, having conversations and making contents. These types of interaction give opportunity for any user to use this platform as the business tool especially for their marketing strategy. Unfortunately, this internet-based technology comes with some vulnerability which can leads to the cyber-attacks. To avoid the occurrence of cyber-attack, the social media company offer their users with the security and privacy setting which can minimize the possibility of user’s account being hacked or breach by attacker. Twitter and Instagram both are the social media with different company that provided the security and privacy setting to their users. The security and privacy settings can be modify by the users to secure their post or personal life to other stranger users. Both twitter and Instagram have their own criteria and features to set up the privacy and security settings. The comparison of the best security and privacy measure of Twitter and Instagram will be discussed in this paper