Art is a subject area that blends philosophy, aesthetic, cultural, scientific discipline, psychology, propagation, anthropology, comparative study, and historical art. The multi-racial and multi-cultural elements in Malaysia have influenced the artist in creating their artworks. Through artistic talents, Muslim artists can use various techniques and arts as a thorough force to call in and praise the greatness of Allah S.W.T. Thus, it is the duty of the artist to translate Islamic ideas into artistic language. Agreeing to the Islamic view, artistic creativity is the urge or force given by Allah S.W.T., which runs up the importance of Allah S.W.T. In addition, art also enhances the union or unity. Islamic art does not revolve around individual humans, but it applies to social orientation based on the requirements of fellow human beings. Muslim art could include the contextual conditions, an artist’s intention, and expressly because not all artworks have the same instruction with the ultimate destination of art actions that is the Unity of God or Tawhid. So, with local (Muslim / Malay) shifting of identity, demonstrate the changing of the Malaysian cultural identity. The objectives of this paper are to dignify the Understanding Process in Visual Art that have similar philosophies, knowledge of Islam and Malay civilization.  This model can contribute to the development of a guideline that has been improved as compared to the existing one. This theoretical framework has been designed for understanding with the chronicle of contemporary art, which keeps to the aim of the Islamic art concepts, especially in lifting up the concept of Tawhid is the ultimate expiration of Muslim art.