This article compares the security measures implemented by Instagram and TikTok, two popular social media sites. Data security and user privacy concerns have become increasingly important as social media usage grows. The study investigates the security mechanisms these platforms employ to secure user information. It answers two research questions: (1) What security measures are implemented by Instagram and TikTok to protect users and their accounts? (2) How do these security measures compare to one another? Are there any similarities or differences? The findings show how much of a priority the platforms place on user security, including safe login passwords, two-factor authentication (2FA), effective account recovery procedures, and strict security controls for online commerce and payments. While there are some parallels, there are also clear differences in the processes taken when updating passwords and profiles and authentication techniques. Although both platforms show a dedication to user security, ongoing security protocol adaption and development are essential to fend off evolving cybersecurity threats and preserve a secure online environment.