This paper aims to explain the implementation of da'wah activities towards the Small and Medium Industry (SMI) among in workers in Bumiputra Muslim manufacturing and services sector. This study uses quantitative approaches and the study data is analyzed using the SPSS version 22.0 software. To obtain information, a survey form was distributed to 300 respondents. They consist of factory workers at all levels. This study using random sampling was easy to select for respondents' information. The research instrument covers the achievement of da'wah activities at the factory. Then the data obtained were analyzed using deductive method. The information was obtained through the observation methodology of the factory premises and the working culture of the premises. The findings show that da’wah activities have been implemented with frequency once a week. The mean value of the implementation of da'wah activities is 2.57. This is a good achievement. The program is lectures, tazkirah, fardu 'ain classes, recital of al-Qur'an, remembrance, circumcision prayers, nasyid and daily prayer memorizing programs. In conclusion, the achievement of da'wah activities implemented in the SMIs is a motivation for employees to always adhere to the will of the religion in all life while working and out of hours. The study also provides guidance and understanding between employers and employees during the implementation of da'wah activities because through da'wah activities can produce quality workers and increase the productivity of SMEs.

Keywords: Implementation, Da’wah Program, workers, Small & Medium Industry.