The working environment is one of the essential human requirements that enables people to carry out their work effectively under defined conditions.This research was intended to understand the effect of the work atmosphere on employee efficiency.  The main objective of this study was to assess the impact of the working environment on the performance of employees among government sectors in Kabong, Sarawak.  It focuses on four main areas of the working environment, that influences the performance of employees, namely: the design of the workplace, the diversity of the workforce, rewards and benefits, and health and safety measures.  By using the quantitative approach, 100 questionnaires were distirbuted to the subject of this research.  The result approves that there are relationship between work environment and employees performance.  Recommendations were drawn on the basis of the findings that; to ensure the productivity of employees, management should look for ways in which the firm can motivate each individual employee to do his or her best performance.