With environmental issues such as global change, pollution and depletion of natural resources impacting human daily life, businesses need to learn how to mitigate, reuse and recycle to conserve our environment whilst caring about human beings and optimising benefits. Sustainable management looks above short-term quarterly profits and focuses on long-term advantages by incorporating sustainability issues into management decisions. Therefore, trends in global research on this topic is been analyzed and studied using a bibliometric review on current trend and development of ‘sustainable management’ over 28 years (1992-2020) on topics related to business, economics and accounting and Economics, Econometrics and Finance. By adopting bibliometric analysis, we derived data from Scopus online database as of December 13, 2020. Based on the ‘keywords’ search results, our study finalised 1,065 valid documents for further assessments. We utilised Harzing’s Publish and Perish to analyse basic evaluations before proceeding with VOSviewer for data visualisation purposes. The findings highlight the trend of literature on ‘sustainable management’ since its inception in 1992 until today. The number of publications achieved 100 publications since 2018 and kept increasing each year. Most previous publications were in English, with more than 164 authors from more than 117 different countries. Using specific keywords of ‘sustainable management’, the results were derived based on the titles and keywords of the documents. Thus, the results of the search query for other fields such as abstracts, and different keywords are excluded. This paper offers an overview and better understanding of the current trends and development of the topic since its inception over 28 years, and also serve as a valuable reference for future research.

Keywords: sustainable management; Publish and Perish; VOSviewer; bibliometric analysis