Journal of Sustainable Management Studies (JSMS) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal, published twice a year.  JSMS aims to provide a valuable platform for researchers to share their experiences and knowledge in the fields of management and sustainability, in the form of high quality and original research articles that also offer novel contributions. While the journal strives to maintain high academic standards, it welcomes original empirical and theoretical research articles in the broad areas of management and sustainability which provides the chances for knowledge sharing among international community of researchers.

JSMS covers topics in the following areas but not limited to:




Marketing Communication

Consumer Behaviour

Technology in business



Other areas in Social Sciences.

JSMS is an open access journal that provides open access to fully downloadable research articles. Therefore, researchers can copy, use, redistribute, and transmit/display the work publicly, in any sort of digital or non-digital forms for any responsible purpose, subject to appropriate attribution of authorship. Authors in JSMS may also maintain the copyright of their articles.

Publication Policies

Submission of a research article to JSMS is held to imply that it signifies original contribution not previously published, nor it is being considered for publication elsewhere. Additionally, a submission of research article must conform to our publication guidelines.  

Open Access Policy

Journal of Sustainability and Management Studies (JSMS) is freely available online. Our open access policy is aimed to facilitate knowledge exchange. Authors are obliged to agree with this policy that allows for unrestricted access and reuse of all published articles in the JSMS. The articles are published under the Creative Commons copyright license policy CC-BY. Users can copy and redistribute the materials in either printed or electronic format, and build upon the materials, without requesting for permission and concerning over fees imposed upon them, provided that appropriate credit is given.

Publication Frequency

Journal of Sustainable Management Studies (JSMS) is published in May and November.

Peer Review Process

Articles submitted for possible publication are subjected to a double-blind, peer review process. The entire review process may take up to two (2) months. The preliminary process involves editors reviewing the articles. The articles may be rejected without being sent out for review if the following conditions are not fully met:

  • Article is written in easy-to-understand language primarily English.
  • The language should be clear and grammatically correct.
  • Article fits the aims and scope of the journal and offers new knowledge and empirical findings.
  • Article should avoid unethical publishing or research practices.
  • Abstract is written in such a way that it offers adequate summary of the article.

Articles that are deemed suitable for peer review process are then sent to two appointed reviewers in which these reviewers are made anonymous to each other. Upon completing the reviewing process, the reviewers are asked to categorize the paper as: publishable immediately, publishable with amendments and improvements, or not publishable. Reviewers’ evaluations usually include an explicit recommendation and feedback that may be beneficial to enhance the empirical value of the article. Reviewers’ comments are seen by the author(s).

Each reviewer returns the peer-review reports to the editors and the author. In this regard, the role of the reviewers is advisory.

Copyright Policy

JSMS uses Creative Commons copyright license policy CC-BY. Author(s) retain the copyright. However, the author(s) shall allow permission to the JSMS to publish their work and agree that other users can copy and redistribute the work, transform, and build upon it.


Author(s), they can decide about eventual re-publication of their article as copyrights remain with them. Moreover, in the case of re-publication, an appropriate reference to the original publication is required.


By submitting the manuscript, the author(s) shall declare that it is their original work and does not contain any plagiarism in any section of the article.

The editor scans all submitted papers to detect plagiarism in the preliminary process of reviewing. If plagiarism is detected, the article shall be rejected and returned to the authors.

Withdrawal Policy

In the case that errors are found which may affect the findings or any other issues which signal the article is not suitable to be published in the journal, the article will be removed and replaced with a note stating the reason for the withdrawal.

If plagiarism is found, the article will be removed from the Journal. A note that indicates its withdrawal is also provided and authors’ institution will be notified.