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Journal of Multidisciplinary Islamic Studies (JMIS) is a peer-reviewed journal, published twice a year and Open Access journal that publishes original research and reviews covering a wide range of subjects in Islamic studies, Arabic language, science, technology, business, management and social science. It also publishes special issues of selected conference papers.


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The Achievement of Islamic Medical Knowledge in the Educational Process at the Local University of Malaysia

Mohd Zahari S., Z., Tengku Paris T., N., S., Azmi F., Ohtman@Seman M., M., Malkan@Molkan S., N., A., Che Hassan N. H.

Relationship between Muslim Accountability Enhancement and Religious Practices Appreciation

Mohd Zin M., Z., Abdul Latif M., S., Ahmad N., A., Sulaiman R.

Pemilikan Emas Perhiasan di kalangan Wanita Islam Sarawak

Omar S., A., Abdul Latif M., S., Bujang S.

Realiti Keperluan Asnaf Fakir dan Miskin Di Sarawak

Abdul Latif M., S., Omar S., A., Mohd Zin M. Z.