Text steganography is one of the major forms of data security in communication. It is widely applied in the modern digital era for securely transferring confidential and private data without raising any suspicions. The well-known technique in text steganography called feature-based is used to conceal information. This technique manipulates and alters some features of characters in the cover message before sending it out to the intended recipient. The modifications are ensured won’t compromise the integrity of the secret message.  This paper presents an overview of the feature-based technique used in the text domain. The review is conducted according to approaches applied in the feature-based technique. Hence, the main aim of this paper is to review the technique used and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each technique used in text steganography for safely hiding the secret message. The conclusion emphasizes how the feature-based technique is advantageous for providing data protection by avoiding the detection of third parties during the delivery of the information.